Our History

We started out in the summer of 2019 with our first product and company, Phone by Mako. Phone by Mako was a do it yourself phone aimed at young makers, made to teach them how phones work and how people make them. The phone ran on an Adafruit board that used an Arduino with a SIM module attached. It included a Pong game, and could store three contacts. We made the code available to everyone, who could edit it with the Arduino IDE. After the Phone by Mako, we started work on the next iteration of Phone by Mako, dubbed Version 2. Version 2 added many new features, such as large color screen, rounded corners and buttons, 4G LTE connectivity, and a new redesign with a thinner case that was easier to put together, thanks to a custom PCB. Version 2 was also cheaper and included more apps, such as SMS messaging, a calculator, and a stopwatch/timer. We developed an app with our own IDE, which made updating the device much easier. After this, we began work on our current project: 8BC. The idea was similar; a do it yourself kit for makers and hobbyists, except instead of a phone, a computer. This computer, we decided, was going to be different than others. Unlike a Raspberry Pi, we decided 8BC should run BASIC, similar to a lot of 8 bit machines produced in the late 70’s to early 80’s. The kit would teach you everything about computers, and when we say everything, we mean everything. We aimed to include the most in-depth yet extremely simple instruction manual, teaching the customer not only how the computer works, but about logic gates, ICs, FPGAs, and a whole lot more. We also teach the user about the software. With this, anyone can create even the most advanced programs. We also kept in mind experienced customers, who want to hack and modify the computer itself. We sell addons allowing people to customize the kernel, or computer operating system. We also provide all of the schematics for the computer, so anyone can recreate 8BC or redesign it to their liking. And to top it off, we include everything you need to create 8BC, including the power supply, case, and custom printed circuit board for only $50.

Collin Wentzien

Collin Wentzien is the co-founder and CEO of 8 Bit Electronics. Since the age of five, he was always passionate about tinkering and experimenting. At the age of thirteen, he started Phone by Mako with Ryland Goldman. Prior to starting up his company, he built many different projects, including a scoreboard, a smartwatch, a quadcopter, a 3D printer, a calculator, and the list goes on. He specializes in hardware and design, also currently leading the hardware engineering team and the design team in 8 Bit Electronics. Currently, he is fourteen and attending Los Gatos High School in his freshman year.

Ryland Goldman

Ryland Goldman is the co-founder and Director of Operations at 8 Bit Electronics. Ryland has always been a software developer, teaching himself how to code in many different coding languages. Some include Swift, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, VBA, Java, Python, and C++, to name a few. He mainly codes in Swift and HTML, creating our website and also any iOS and Mac apps we need for our products. While leading the software team at 8 Bit Electronics, Ryland is also CFO, managing all company finances. He is fourteen, and attends Los Gatos High School, also in his freshman year.